10 Facts About The Cape Verdean Economy

10 Facts About The Cape Verdean Economy
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  1. Cape Verde’s economy is primarily based on tourism, fishing, and agriculture.
  2. Services sector, particularly the tourism industry, is the main source of the country’s GDP and employment.
  3. The country has a growing renewable energy sector, with significant investments in wind and solar power.
  4. Cape Verde’s main export products are fuel, shoes, and clothing.
  5. The country is actively working to diversify its economy and reduce dependence on tourism and traditional industries, such as agriculture and fishing.
  6. Cape Verde has a free market economy and has been ranked as one of the most business-friendly countries in Africa.
  7. The country has a strong focus on sustainable development, including protecting the environment and preserving natural resources.
  8. The country has a number of international airports and seaports, making it a hub for trade and transportation in the region.
  9. Cape Verde has a relatively low unemployment rate, with a strong focus on economic development and job creation.
  10. The country has been working on improving its infrastructure, including transportation and telecommunications, to support economic growth and development.
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