Top 10 Biggest Cape Verdean Facebook Pages and Groups

Top 10 Biggest Cape Verdean Facebook Pages and Groups
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We found the 10 biggest and most popular Cape Verdean Facebook groups and pages. Everything from Cape Verdean radio to Cape Verdean recipes. Here they are:


1. Cape Verdean Beautiful People

Followers: 117k (as of 5/25/21)
Cape Verdean Beautiful People (CVBP MEDIA) is a News/Media & Entertainment Website. CVBP was launched in July of 2014 with the release of it’s now viral video “Cape Verdean Beautiful People.”


2. Radio Brockton Fm

Followers: 56k (as of 5/25/21)

Headquartered in the United States of America, Brockton FM has been instrumental in nurturing culture.


3. You Know You’re Cape Verdean When….

Members: 16k (as of 5/25/21)

Every Cape Verdean you meet is either related to you or related to someone you grew up with


4. Cape Verdeans Of America

Members: 13.7k (as of 5/25/21)

This group is to unite all Cape Verdeans from the east coast to the west coast so that we will all be strong and to support each other is our quest to be united across this land of America .We need to become a greater resource for each other” There are a lot of Good Cape Verdeans out there if you can’t find one be one ” Pujo Louis Horner Jr



Members: 12.5k

Our mission is to keep our Cape Verde Cuisine alive, recipes we’ve grown up with from either our grand parents or parents, going back to Cape Verde Islands..What recipes would you like created to help when preparing Cape Verdean dishes? I will not limit recipes to just Cape Verdean Recipes since I’ve been not limited to just our culture ….If you’d like to post a Recipe please do so….you’ll be able to post your recipes as well as your families…..


6. I support Cape Verdeans

Members: 10.8k (as of 5/25/21)

This group is intended to unify and make Cape Verdeans stronger by asking each Cape Verdean to pledge that at least once a month you will go to and support a Cape Verdean event, business, or anything that helps us become stronger community therefore making a stronger Cape Verde!



Followers: 9.5k (as of 5/25/21)

News & Media Website



Members: 7.8k (as of 5/25/21)

Kriolus di Brockton unidos pa um futuro bom.


9. Cape Verde DNA, Inc

Members: 6.6k (as of 5/25/21)

The mission of Cape Verde DNA, Inc is to foster and nurture an interest in genealogy by providing instruction, information, and inspiration. We endeavor to expand our understanding of our own Caboverdeanidade, to share our story with the world and to reaffirm and strengthen the Cape Verdean family and future generations.


10. New Bedford Cape Verdeans

Members: 4.2k (as of 5/25/21)

Cape Verdeans and friends with ties to New Bedford, MA


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