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Top 10 Cape Verdean Musicians

Top 10 Cape Verdean Musicians
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Who are the top Cape Verdean artists? We found the top 10 Cape Verdean singers and Grammy winners.


1. Cesária Évora

Cesária Évora GCIH (Portuguese pronunciation: [sɨˈzaɾiɐ ˈɛvuɾɐ]; 27 August 1941 – 17 December 2011), more commonly known as Cize, was a Cape Verdean singer-songwriter. She received a Grammy Award in 2004 for her album Voz d’Amor. Nicknamed the “Barefoot Diva” for performing without shoes, she was known as the “Queen of Morna”.

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2. Jorge Neto

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3. Ildo Lobo

Ildo Lobo (November 25, 1953 – October 20, 2004) was a famous Cape Verdean singer. His versatile and melodic voice, commanding stage presence and trademark beret hats made him one of the all-time great and most recognizable performers in Cape Verde. Always well known throughout the Cape Verde Islands, Lobo rose to international fame with his first solo work, “Nôs Morna”, following it with another album “Intellectual”.

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4. Gil Semedo

Gil Semedo Moreira (born October 25, 1974), better known by his stage name Gil Semedo, is a Cape Verdean recording artist, songwriter, businessman, and record producer. He rose to prominence in 1991 following the release of “Menina”, the first single from his debut album bearing the same name. Gil is one of the most powerful celebrities in Portuguese speaking Africa, having sold over a million records and creating his own music genre ‘Cabo Swing’ (a combination of traditional Cape Verdean music styles such as Coladeira, Funana and Batuko mixed with zouk, pop and R&B).

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5. Bana

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6. Nelson Freitas

Nelson Freitas (born April 4, 1975) is a Cape Verdean-Dutch singer, producer and recorder. He records with GhettoZouk Music, which also signed artists Chelsy Shantel and William Araujo.

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7. Djodje

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8. Lura

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9. Zeca di Nha Reinalda (Bullimundo)

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10. Mayra Andrade

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Honorable Mentions

  • Grace Evora
  • Tito Paris
  • Denis Graça
  • Badoxa
  • Mika Mendes
  • Gama
  • Jennifer Dias
  • Yasmine
  • Elji Beatzkilla
  • Tcheka
  • Loony Johnson
  • Josslyn
  • Beto Dias
  • Meno Pecha
  • Zézé Barbosa
  • Mayra Andrade
  • Ildo Lobo
  • Cesária Évora
  • Carmen Souza
  • Dino D’Santiago
  • Alberto Koenig
  • Tito Paris
  • Sara Tavares
  • Eduino
  • Luís Morais
  • Suzanna Lurbrano


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