Top 10 Most Famous Cape Verdean Songs

Top 10 Most Famous Cape Verdean Songs
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Cape Verdean music is a unique blend of African, Portuguese, and Brazilian influences. It has gained international recognition thanks to the late Cesaria Evora, who brought the morna to the world stage, and many other artists who continue to promote and perform the music. Additionally, Cape Verdean music also has a big influence in the Carribean and Latin American music specially in the Lusophone countries. With that being said, here are the top 10 most popular and famous Cape Verdean songs:

1. “Sodade” by Cesaria Evora

2. “Maria Elena” by Cesaria Evora

3. “Nha Terra” by Ronisia

4. “Segredu’s ft. Nitry, Indira” by Elida Almeida

5. “Cusas Di Coracon” by Ildo Lobo

6. “Um Minute De Silêncie” by Paulinho Vieira

7. “Na Ri Na” by Lura

8. “Morna” by Bau

9.  “Nha Baby ft. Mayra Andrade” by Nelson Freitas

10. “Madalena” by Tcheka

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